Lakeside ATL | Ministries
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Urban Missions

An Outreach brigade made up of several uniquely designed teams with the ultimate goal of meeting immediate needs of people on the mission fields of the very communities we live in!

Lakeside School of Discipleship

Our mission is to help God’s people live a Christ-centered life of developing others into the image of Jesus by integrating biblical truth into their everyday lives.

Show & Tell Hunger Relief Project

A project with the goal of feeding & educating the community about the root causes of hunger and helping to reverse the cycle of poverty.

Married 4 Life

Strong communities stems from strong churches, strong churches stem from strong families and strong families are the result of strong marriages…We are STRONG, committed and Married 4 Life!

Singles 4 Now

Singles who are fully committed to following HARD after God. We’re content and contagious…Content in whatever state we find ourselves in, and contagiously affecting people wherever we go to run HARD after God with us. We’re growing together, enjoying “Doing Life Together” and prepare ourselves for marriage together!

The Pearls

Our Womens Group with down to earth women who are excited about “Doing Life Together”!
  • Power of Pearls is a program which trains, supports and prepares women to be productive in society.

Guys Like Us

Lakeside’s Men’s Group for Guys who just want to be Guys!

Kid Zone

Our Children’s church where your child will easily learn Bible principles and where they will enjoy being in the ZONE!


Our Youth Group where teens can grow in a relevant and exciting atmosphere…Taking it to the Streets!

Lakeside Singers and Band

Anointed singers and musicians–skilled in the art of LEADING the masses to the Throne of God through music and song!

Prayer Ministry

Prayer by Phone with the number and access code and probably a link to the prayer request.

Join us for Morning Prayer!
Phone Number: (712) 432-9900 Access Code: 151612#
6:00am – 7:00am


Praying Until Noticeable Change Happens A team of prayer specialists who goes into homes for prayer.